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2016 Gehl Z55


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Operator's Cabin: The Z55 is available in canopy or cab configurations, allowing you to tailor the machine to meet your specific work environment.

• Large cab offers state-of-the-art controls, digital display and excellent visibility.

• Walk-through canopy for easy entry and exit.

• Optional cab enclosure with heat or heat/air-conditioning system provides protection in extreme weather conditions.

• Adjustable suspension seat and armrests provide personalized comfort.

• Excellent visibility in all directions allows safe and efficient operation. Rear mirror provides a view of the back and side of the machine for additional safety.

• Work lights and integrated boom light enhances the operator’s view after dark.

Controls: The controls on the Z55 compact excavator are ergonomically designed and easy to use.

• Digital Operator Interface shows real time system information, service reminders, and 90 days of operating history.

• Large travelling pedals are easy to press and allow confident, reliable work.

• Pilot operated joystick controls are operated by simple wrist movements, reducing fatigue during a long workday.

• One-way auxiliary functions can be controlled by a foot pedal or joystick buttons, allowing optimal control of high-flow attachments such as compactors or breakers.

• The operator can easily select from ISO or standard operating control patterns with the flip of a mechanical lever.

Boom: Rugged, high-strength boom incorporates features to protect and extend the life of moving parts and components.

• Precision welded boom is constructed with thick side plates that are reinforced by contoured transition plates.

• Heavy-duty sliding cylinder guards protect exposed cylinder rods from damage.

• Integrated boom light illuminates the work area and allows for safe and effective operation after dark.

• Reliable single pin boom mount design for optimal durability and component life.

Undercarriage: The undercarriage of the Z55 compact excavator was designed with serviceability and longevity in mind.

• Wide track gauge and an offset track drive system increase stability without adding to overall track width.

• Staggered tread and mandrel design combined with shorter track pitch reduces vibration.

• Long tracks provide a smoother ride over rough terrain.

• Tracks are short-pitched to reduce wear, fatigue and damage.

• Angled crawler frame reduces soil buildup on the undercarriage, extending the life of rollers and tracks.

Engine: The Z55 compact excavator is built around a powerful, reliable emission-certified Tier IV Yanmar diesel engine.

• Yanmar Tier IV certified diesel engine with 37.7 hp provides excellent balance in power and fuel conservation.

• ECO Mode can be activated from the cab with a switch. When activated, the engine speed is reduced by 10%, reducing fuel consumption for lowered operating costs.

• Auto Deceleration lowers noise and emissions levels when the hydraulic movement has not occurred for more than four seconds. This increases fuel economy and lowers operating costs.

• Proven technology provides reliable operation and a fuel efficient system.

• Easy-starting, even in cold weather without the need for block heaters or starting fluid.

Hydraulics: The advanced hydraulic system on the Z55 provides long-lasting, efficient power precisely when you need it.

• Standard auxiliary proportional hydraulics give the operator infinitely variable control of the hydraulic flow.

• Hydraulic system is designed to enhance engine performance, resulting in a more efficient system.

• Two variable pumps and two gear pumps combine oil and redirect the flow to where it is needed, allowing for simultaneous operation without loss of power.

• Smooth operation, even while using the boom and arm during turning.

• Auxiliary hydraulic valve, tubing and hoses with flat faced coupler connections are standard equipment.

• Two-way and one-way auxiliary flow valve with direct-to-tank bypass valve feature is standard equipment.


• Two large, rear doors open easily to expose the battery, engine oil, air filter and cooling system.

• Remove the right-hand step to reveal the hose joint at the front of the frame.

• The right-hand side cover is easily removed with just two bolts. Remove the top right hand side to easily clean behind the radiator.

• A cover on top of the unit on the right side allows access to the fuel supply and a handy tool storage tray.

• The access panel beneath the operator’s seat easily opens to reveal the starter motor, fuse panel, alternator and fan belt.

  • Operating Weight with Canopy: 11,850 lb. (5375 kg)
  • Operating Weight with Cab: 12,247 lb. (5555 kg)
  • Max. Digging Depth: 12 ft. 9.5 in. (3900 mm)
  • Max. Vertical Wall Digging Depth: 8 ft. 4.8 in. (2560 mm)
  • Max. Reach at Ground Level: 20 ft. 1.7 in. (6140 mm)
  • Transport Length: 18 ft. 3.7 in. (5580 mm)
  • Undercarriage Length: 8 ft. 6 in. (2590 mm)
  • Max. Digging Height: 19 ft. 10.6 in. (6060 mm)
  • Max. Dump Height: 13 ft. 3.4 in. (4050 mm)
  • Minimum Front Swing Radius: 6 ft. 11.1 in. (2110 mm)
  • Transport Height: 8 ft. 4 in. (2540 mm)
  • Blade Below Ground/ w/angle blade: 1 ft. 10.4 in. / 1 ft. 9.3 in. (570 mm / 540 mm)
  • Overall Base Width: 6 ft. 6.3 in. (1990 mm)
  • Track Width: 1 ft. 3.7 in. (400 mm)
  • Ground Clearance: 1 ft. 1.6 in. (345 mm)
  • Parallel Offset Right: 2 ft. 6.3 in. (770 mm)
  • Parallel Offset Left: 2 ft. 2.8 in. (680 mm)
  • Rear End Swing Radius: 3 ft. 2.2 in. (970 mm)
Dozer Blade
  • Width - extended/retracted: 6 ft. 5.6 in. (1970 mm)
  • Height: 15.7 in. (400 mm)
  • Make: Yanmar (Yanmar)
  • Model: 4TNV86CT Tier IV (4TNV86CT Tier IV)
  • Type: Diesel (Diesel)
  • Displacement : 128 (2.09 L)
  • Net Power @ rpm: 44.9 HP @ 2400 (33.5 kW @ 2400)
  • Fuel Tank : 17.4 gal. (66 L)
  • Fuel Consumption : 1.35 gal./hr (5.1 L/hr)
Hydraulic System
  • Pumps: 2 variable, 2 gear (2 variable, 2 gear)
  • Total Flow Rate : 36.9 gpm (139.4 L/min)
  • Working Pressure : 3,553 psi (245 bar)
  • Swing System Pressure : 3,133 psi (216 bar)
  • Oil Cooler: Standard (Standard)
  • Hydraulic Tank : 10.0 gal. (38 L)
Undercarriage and Slewing System
  • Travel Speed - dual: 1.4/2.6 mph (2.2/4.2 km/hr)
  • Gradability: 20 deg. (20 deg.)
  • Track Type/Width: Rubber/15.7 in. (Rubber/400 mm)
  • Number of Rollers per Side (Track/Idle): 4/1 (4/1)
  • Undercarriage Length: 8 ft. 6 in. (2590 mm)
  • Track Length on Ground: 7 ft. 4.4 in. (2246 mm)
  • Ground Clearance: 13.6 in. (345 mm)
  • Ground Pressure - Cab/Canopy: 4.4/4.3 psi (30.3/29.3 kPa)
  • Slew Speed: 10 RPM (10 RPM)
  • Maximum Drawbar Pull: 12,544 lb. (5690 kg)
  • Maximum Bucket Breakout: 7,464 lb. (3385 kg)
  • Maximum Arm Digging Force: 5,058 lb. (2294 kg)
Engine Options
  • Electric Glow Plug Starting Aid: Standard
  • Yanmar, Naturally-Aspirated Diesel Engine: Standard
  • Eco Mode: Standard
Hydraulic System Options
  • Power-A-Tach® Hydraulic Quick-Attach System: Standard
  • Factory Installed Hydraulic Thumb Attachment: Optional
  • Hydraulic Pumps: 4
  • ISO/SAE Pattern Control Valve: Standard
  • Proportional Auxiliary Hydraulic Joystick Control: Standard
  • Two-way Auxiliary Hydraulics with Quick Couplers and Direct-to-Tank Bypass Valve: Standard
Undercarriage Options
  • Rubber Tracks: Standard
  • Selectable 2-Speed Transmission: Standard
  • Track Rollers: 4
Upperstructure Options
  • 360° Continuous Movement: Standard
  • Auto Idle: Standard
  • Zero-tail-Swing: Standard
Operator Station Options
  • Enclosed Cab: Optional
  • Canopy: Standard
  • 3" Safety Belt: Optional
  • Adjustable Armrests - height and angle: Standard
  • Forearm Supports: Standard
  • Adjustable Suspension Seat: Standard
  • Air Conditioning: Optional
  • Radio-Ready with Speakers and Antennae: Standard
  • Horn: Standard
Light Options
  • Boom Work Lights: Standard
Popular Attachments
  • Augers
  • Breakers
  • Buckets
  • Compaction Plates
  • Compaction Wheel
  • Frost Ripper
  • Grapples
  • Pavement Removal Bucket
  • Thumbs
Gehl stands behind its products with a powerful warranty program. We know that Gehl equipment is put to the test each day, and we engineer and build our equipment to stand up to the challenges they face. To back up our commitment to quality, all Gehl equipment is backed by a twelve month warranty. An extended warranty is available for additional protection to your investment.



Engine Type
4TNV86CT Tier IV
Engine Manufacturer
44.9 hp
Rated RPM
2400 rpm
Fuel Capacity
17.4 gal. (66 L)


18 ft. 3.7 in.
6 ft. 6.3 in.
8 ft. 4 in. (2540 mm)
Canopy: 11850 lb.; Cab: 12247 lb.
Hydraulic System
Pumps: 2 variable, 2 gear; Total Flow Rate: 36.9 gpm
Max Dig Depth
12 ft. 9.5 in.
Max Dump Height
13 ft. 3.4 in.
Max Reach
20 ft. 1.7 in.
1.4/2.6 mph