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2017 Gehl AL650


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K & H Construction



Operator's Cabin

Operators world-wide will find state-of-the-art ergonomics, unsurpassed visibility and ease of operation.

* Fully adjusable steering column with center-mount instrumentation for easy operator reference.

* A seven-way adjustable seat providing a comfortable ride for the operator.

* Excellent 360-degree visibility is achieved by positioning the operator above instead of behind the load for safe operation and excellent view of the attachment.

* Models feature comfortable and easy-to-access grab handles to assist entry and exit.

* A complete cab enclosure option provides enhanced comfort and safety for all-day-long operation.

* Cab doors have an extended-latch design, which allows latching in a slightly-open position for limited ventilation, per operator preference.

* Standard cab models equipment includes heat, four working lights, wipers on front and rear windows, a cup holder and adjustable side mirrors.

* Spacious surface window area offers excellent all-around visibility.

* Generous sound absorbing material between the cab and engine compartment is standard with cab enclosure and suppresses sound levels.



The Gehl 650 Articulated Loader features simple-to-use controls at your finger tips. Even the most un-accustomed operator will be comfortable operating these loaders.

* Multi-function joystick lever controls the lift arm, bucket, float, travel direction, differential lock and auxiliary hydraulic functions

* Inching pedal allows operators to vary the ground speed while maintaining a fixed engine speed, to optimally run attachments while enabling precise control.

* Engine speed can be conveniently controlled two ways: (1) with the right foot throttle or (2) with the convenient hand throttle, which also allows the ground speed to be controlled independently of engine speed.

* Differential lock button on joystick increases traction for 100% effective engagement of axles.

* 2-speed hydrostatic drive can be activated “on the go" by a switch on the joystick.



Gehl articulated loaders are equipped with industry-proven Yanmar diesel engines.

* Powerful, quiet and efficient Tier IV-certified Yanmar diesel engines with excellent performance for all applications.

* Excellent reputation for reliable cold-starting and smooth operation.

Make Yanmar

Model 4TNV98CT Tier IV

Number of Cylinders 4

Power (kW) @ 2800 rpm 64.4 hp (48)

Displacement (L) 0.87 gal. (3.3)



Power, performance and precision. Achieve this and more with superior hydraulics and handy time-saving features.

* Two auxiliary hydraulic lines with flat-faced couplers power a variety of tools and make attachment changes easy.

* Hydraulic hoses are nestled within the lift arms, keeping them out of the loader linkage “damage zone" during lifting and dumping operations.

* Lift arm and bucket float features allow for “floating" of the lift arm for light scraping or rear-ward leveling actions. Bucket float is a special feature that adds control and more operator flexibility for operating certain attachments with only bucket float.

Work Hydraulic System Flow STD (L/min) 18.5 gpm (70)

High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics - optional (L/min) 26.0 gpm (98.4)

Work Hydraulic System Pressure (bar) 2,900 psi (200)

Drive Hydraulic System Pressure (bar) 6,092 psi (420)

Drive Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity (L) 19.5 gal. (73.8)


Attachment System

A full line of Edge attachments and accessories are designed specifically to fill operators’ needs, making their 650 the most versatile machine on the job site. Popular attachments are listed below.

A Augers

B Bale Movers

C Brooms

D Mower, Rotary

E Pallet Forks

F Rakes

G Snow Removal

H Spreaders

Full Line of Edge Attachments for 650


Lift Arm

The lift arm on the 650 is designed to achieve maximum strength, excellent visibility and fast cycle times.

* Linkage becomes recessed in the lift arm at full lift heights for protection when dumping into trucks/trailers and provides excellent forward visibility.

* Linkage design allows for mechanical self-leveling action in both up and down directions.

* Nitro-steel rods on the hydraulic cylinders resist abrasion, pitting, scratching and corrosion.

* Excellent bucket dump angles at the mid- and top-ranges of the lift path as well as outstanding forward reach at mid-range.



Get into the tightest spaces with ease. The 650 goes anywhere and does almost everything.

* A heavy-duty articulating joint offers 45-degree turning angles each way and provides optimal maneuverability with a tight turning radius. Articulated steering has minimal affect on turf and ground surfaces and extends the life of the tires.

* Chassis oscillates 10 degrees each way, for 20 degrees of total oscillation, to maintain traction by keeping the wheels on the ground on uneven terrain.

* The tail follows where the front leads, providing excellent maneuverability. The bucket and tires follow a constant turn radius, so the rear of the loader follows the path of the front tires.

* Narrow machine width allows access to tight, confined spaces that most skid loaders with comparable operating capacities cannot access.

* High ground clearance allows the loaders to pass over objects in the work-path with ease.



Reduced downtime is made possible by intelligent engineering and advanced design.

* Perform daily service checks with ease through the rear engine cover, which provides access to the engine, hydraulic reservoir filler and filter, radiator, and more.

* Hydraulic components are provided with diagnostic test ports for easy access when required.

* LCD display has menu screens with light indicators for electrical diagnostic checking.

  • Length with Bucket on Ground: 199.9"
  • Shipping Length: 167.7"
  • Front Wheel Center to Pivot Pin: 32.8"
  • Wheelbase: 79"
  • Rear Overhang: 52.2"
  • Height to Top of Cab: 97.1"
  • Folded ROPS Height: N/A
  • Hood Height: 69.9"
  • Maximum Reach Height: 157.8"
  • Bucket Hinge Pin Height: 130.5"
  • Ground Plane to Bucket Edge Height: 123"
  • Dump Clearance at Full Height: 99"
  • Dump Reach at Full Height: 20.9"
  • Width Over Tires - Standard / Wide: 64.7" / 79.4"
  • Tire Gauge: 48.4" / 62.8"
  • ROPS Width: 53.9"
  • Ground Clearance: 14.6"
  • Turning Radius with Bucket: 143.2"
  • Outer Turning Radius: 130.3"
  • Inner Turning Radius: 62.1"
  • Articulation Angle from Center: 45°
  • Rollback at Height: 45°
  • Maximum Dump Angle at Full Height: 45°
  • Bucket Rollback at Ground: 45°
  • AA Attachment Pivot Clearance: 7.5"
  • BB Wheel Radius: 19.5"
  • CC Bucket Width - Standard: 66"
  • Model/Number of Cylinders: 4TNV98CT Tier IV/4
  • Make: Yanmar
  • Power @ 2800 rpm: 64.4 hp
  • Displacement: 0.87 gal.
Load Capacities
  • Straight: 6,409 lbs.
  • Full Turn: 4,917 lbs.
  • Bucket Breakout: 12,661 lbf
  • Operating Weight: 9,080 lbs.
  • Work Hydraulic System Flow STD: 18.5 gpm
  • High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics - optional: 26.0 gpm
  • Work Hydraulic System Pressure: 2,900 psi
  • Drive Hydraulic System Pressure: 6,092 psi
  • Drive Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity: 19.5 gal.
  • Battery: 12-volts
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 25 gal.
  • Maximum Travel Speed: 7/12/19 mph
  • Tire Size - Standard: 405 / 70-20
Cab Options
  • 4-Post Canopy - ROPS/FOPS Certified: Standard
Performance Options
  • Power-A-Tach® Attachment Mounting System: Standard
  • Proportional Auxiliary Hydraulics w/ Case Drain & Circuit Pressure Dump: Standard
  • Tapered Z-bar Loader Linkage w/ Mechanical Self-Level & Return-to-Dig: Standard
  • Tilt and Lift Arm Floast Detent w/ Detent Disable: Standard
  • Hydrostatic 2-Speed Transmission: Standard
  • Differential Lock (Hydraulically Activated Front & Rear): Standard
  • Oscillating Front Frame: Standard
  • Inching Pedal: Standard
  • Rear Mount - Clevis: Standard
Engine Options
  • Engine Block Heater: Optional
Electrical System Options
  • Lift / Tilt Electronic Lockout Switch: Standard
  • Emergency Lift Arm Lower Switch: Standard
Operator Station Options
  • Digital Display w/ Audible and Visual Indicators: Standard
  • Horn: Standard
  • Seven-Way Adjustable Mechanical Seat: Standard
  • Adjustable Arm Rest: Standard
  • 3 inch (75 mm) Seatbelt: Optional
  • Side View Mirrors: Standard
  • 12-Volt Socket in Arm Rest: Standard
Work Lights Options
  • Rotating Beacon: Optional
  • Strobe Light: Optional
  • LED Work Light: Optional



Engine Type
4TNV98CT Tier IV/4
Engine Manufacturer
Fuel Capacity
25 gal.


Max Ground Speed
7/12/19 mph
Tire Size
405 / 70-20