Snowthrower Full Service


K & H Construction
1221 Norwich Road
Plainfield, CT

Service Description

Full Service includes: (includes parts & labor)

- flush fuel system, clean & rebuild carb

- test electric start (if app)

-lubricate chute & check adjust worm gear

-inspect engine condition & test compression

- set tire pressure

-inspect drive, jackshaft & lubricate gears

-inspect belts & idler pulleys. adjust guides and tension

-inspect impeller, bearings, auger and impeller shaft (replace missing/broken shear pins if needed)

- adjust drive & check operation of all speeds

- clean air filter

-change engine oil

- replace spark plug

-grease all fittings

- adjust shoes & bottom scraper

-steam wash machine

-test equipment operating properly

estimate would always be provided prior to additional work being performed. additional repairs will be billed at our standard shop hourly rate plus parts upon customer acceptance.